"Finding a customs broker with the best pricing has never been so easy. I can have a list of qualified customs brokers quote on my import shipments"

About Us

Trade with Borders simplifies importing by helping businesses streamline the process of finding the most competitive pricing for importing goods into the US and Canada.

Find clearance, warehousing and transport, communicate with industry professionals, and clear all your international shipments in one place.

Trade with Borders provides a cost effective solution for importers to find the right customs broker with competitive pricing. Importers can find a number of customs brokers to quote on the products that require importing to save time and cost.

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How It Works

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Create an Import Request

Simply upload a few documents from the international purchase for import, and we will create an import request that hundreds of customs brokerages and transport companies and view and quote.

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Find a Customs Broker

Recieve competitive quotes from multiple customs brokers and transport companies on all of your shipments, and choose the best one for you.

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Relax, Your Import Request is Done

Once you choose a quote and complete your transaction, you will be notified when your shipment is ready to be cleared, and your paperwork will be processed and filed with customs to ensure your shipment is not held up.

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